Four out of five financial institutions accept that digital transformation will radically change banking and reinvent the industry’s competitive landscape. However, according to a Boston Consulting Group study, only 43% admit they don’t even have a digital strategy.

The banking industry, like other industries, must incorporate new methods and integrate emerging technology into its daily operations. This daunting measure necessitates a methodical approach, especially in the field of financial services, which involves large sums of money and high risks. So, before we deep dive into the need for digital transformation in banking, let us first understand what it entails.

What Is Digital Transformation In The Banking Sector?


Are those manual and everyday activities at work hindering your representatives in concentrating on higher-value exercises? Imagine a scenario where Robotic Process Automation solutions could enable you to drive up your employee productivity.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an astute programming framework usually alluded to as “bots”. RPA “bots” are fit for emulating the activities of a worker collaborating with the User Interface of their current data sources and enterprise applications, for example, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, AS400, and so forth. They are equipped for scraping information from web applications, sites, spreadsheets, and so on. …

React Native is a framework made by Facebook that enables you to create native versatile applications for iOS with a solitary JavaScript codebase.

This bodes well, given that the extent of the JavaScript/web audience is a lot greater than native designers and undeniably more open to creating applications utilizing JavaScript. For React Native development it opens another innovative space to work, anyway for native designers it furnishes an approach to work with various devices on a similar issue. …

Augmented Reality ( AR) is an evolving marketing and sales strategy that enables brands to provide their consumers with immersive experiences with the ease of tapping into their mobile devices.

Mobile has become one of the most important forms of media in which consumers communicate with brands and make decisions about purchases. AR provides you with yet another device in your belt when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices.

1. Let customers try before they buy

With AR, prospective consumers can model and try make-up, clothing items, and a wide range of home-related goods without having to interact directly with them…

There is plenty of sales software accessible in the market today. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to know the various features as a reference while picking the correct one for your business. Investing in sales software is a major expenditure for your company. You also need to remember that a very complicated software might require training for your staff. Thus, it is important to find a software that requires minimum effort to use.

The right CRM software must fit your sales process. Additionally, it should also facilitate your workflow by making it easier and faster.

Here are the top…

This is the sad truth: out of the 2 billion apps in the Apple Store and Google Play Store combined, there are only a few successful ones.

In this digital age, the usage of mobile apps is changing drastically over time. Customers are expecting a wider scope and engagement while using mobile apps.

The secret recipe is not just having a mobile app for your brand to help you reach the palm of your target audience. …

The COVID-19 outbreak is shifting consumer behavior, at a time when marketing performance is relying on a company’s ability to respond rapidly and change strategies around real-time trends. Even as CEOs alter corporate travel plans and IT professionals are planning networks for an explosion of work-from-home traffic, marketing departments are planning for changes as well.

Global changes in human and business activities have already had resounding effects on search engine marketing (SEM) across several industries. The first aspect that could be found by several search teams is increased web traffic around certain goods or services.

So how has COVID-19 affected…

The year of 2019 witnessed a monumental swing in digital marketing techniques. 2020 promises to bring about new disruptions to the already exploding digital marketing space. Digital marketing will continue to become increasingly more complex in 2020. Technology and applications are booming, with new and expanding social media platforms, increasingly sophisticated marketing automation systems, the incorporation of artificial intelligence, the need for chatbots, and lots more.

While the trends of this year will continue thriving, the New Year will pave the way for other fresh approaches of reaching, retaining and converting prospects and customers.

So here’s a take on the…

What is Data-as-a-Service?

Cloud-based technology is becoming increasingly complex, making as-a-service (aaS) space increasingly crowded. In reality, keeping track of each cloud computing model and how they all vary from each other is getting harder and harder for data professionals.

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a model of information delivery and distribution in which data files (including text, images, sounds, and videos) are made available to customers over a network, usually the Internet. The model incorporates an underlying cloud-based technology that supports Web services and SOA (service-oriented architecture). DaaS data is stored in the cloud and accessible via diverse channels.

Data as…

Augmented Reality is a technological phenomenon that has upended the current business world. It has an impact on a wide range of industries and will possibly change the manner in which organizations work together, increment efficiency and decrease overhead.

As per the International Data Corporation (IDC), total revenue in the Augmented Reality market is expected to reach around $162 billion by 2020. This is an exponential level of growth if we consider that the revenue in 2016 was around $5 billion. The image below provides an estimated revenue comparison between Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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